Albino longfin senegalis Bichir 3-5 inch

Albino longfin senegalis Bichir 3-5 inch

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Scientific Name – Polypterus

Common Name – Bichir, Polypterus, Dinosaur Fish, Dinosaur Eel

Potential Size –  Species dependent. 10″-30″

Diet – They are carnivorous predators. They will eat sinking pellets such as Hikari Carnivore, NLS 10mm pellets or Hikari Massivore. They also enjoy fish, shrimp, and other meat based items.

Temperament – They make good bottom dwellers for larger predatory based tanks. They can bite and nip other fishes as well as eat smaller tank mates. So choose wisely when adding tank mates. We have had success with large Cichlids and Catfish. Always remember if the Bichir can fit it into its mouth, it is a possible meal.

Tank Requirements – A large tank for most species. There are a few smaller species such as Senegalus which will do well in a 100 gallon or larger tank but most of them get much to large for a standard tank. A custom or non standard tank will eventually be required, something at least 6′ x 3′ or so. They also enjoy resting under/on logs and plants, so give them so cover if possible.

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