Albinus Rubber Pleco L146a 2-3 inch

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The Rubber lipped pleco is smaller than the species commonly sold under the name Common pleco and is therefore a good choice for the aquarist who wants a somewhat smaller pleco. This doesn't mean that it is a suitable choice for an aquarist with a small aquarium - it still grows to be over 17 cm long (7 inches).The scientific name of this species is Chaestoma milesi. In some sources, you might find the name Chaetostomus milesi.Geographical distribution, habitat and careThe Rubber-lipped pleco lives in the Magdalena and Apuré River basins in South America . It is used to a water temperature of 21-25.5 degrees C (70-78 degrees F). Rio Magdalena runs through western Colombia and has its headwaters in the Huila Department in the southern parts of the country. It is bordered by two Andean subranges until it reaches the coastal planes. Rio Magdalena empties into the Caribbean Sea . Rio Apuré is formed by the confluence of Rio Sarare and Rio Uribante in western Venezuela . West of Cabruta, it joins the famous Rio Orinoco. During the wet season, the meanders and bayous of southern Rio Apuré intermingles with those formed by Rio Arauca.The Rubber-lipped pleco lives chiefly on algae. Never force it to live on natural algae growth only in the aquarium; supplement with algae based prepared foods and vegetables to ensure a varied and nutritious diet.Aquarium set up and tank matesRubber Lipped Pleco - Picture by ILMGBTry to resemble the natural environment in Rio Magdalena and Rio Apuré when you set up your aquarium. The Rubber-lipped pleco is a non-aggressive species that can be kept in community aquariums. Do not keep Rubber-lipped plecos in aquariums smaller than 55 litres (15 gallons).Breeding Rubber-lipped plecoAs far as we know, no articles have been published about Rubber-lipped pleco breeding in aquariums and it remains unknown whether any aquarist has succeeded in breeding this species. Didn't find the info you were looking for? Register for free and ask your question in our Aquarium forum or our Pleco forum ! Our knowledgeable staff usually responds to any question within 24 hours


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