Polar ice blue Convict Parrot Cichlid 2-4 inch

Polar ice blue Convict Parrot Cichlid 2-4 inch

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Not much is known as this is a new species. Similar care to parrot Cichlid



Hybrid Parrot Care:


Preferred Water Chemistry: Tropical freshwater.

Difficulty: A hardy fish in most cases. It may chase small fish but can do them little harm, and it can easily be overwhelmed by aggressive or fast-swimming tankmates, who may prevent it from feeding.

Tank Setup: Appreciates some hiding spaces, but will spend most of its time lumbering around the tank and interacting with the world beyond the glass. A large-bodied fish, it requires optimum filtration and plenty of regular, large water changes.

Feeding: Omnivorous. Will eat any food that can fit into its mouth, which is very small and cannot open or close properly. Fortunately, the fish has a cichlid’s pharyngeal mill that can chew the food. Foods high in carotenoids will help maintain red coloration. Se

Breeding: These fish do spawn often, but complete infertility is the norm. There are reports that the females may be fertile and that they can cross with other cichlids like convicts. We occasionally hear of parrot pairs successfully reproducing, but actual or photographic evidence is yet to be had. For the most part, consider them to be sterile.

Description: Variability is great, both in form and in coloring. The fish share variations in coloration with Amphilophus Midas/red devil cichlids—juveniles are often gray barred, and adult morphs may be red, white, or a combination of both. Orange and red forms are most common, but lately white specimens have become popular for dyeing to produce a spectrum of painted-on colors. Further modifications such as tattooing and surgical removal of the tail for heart-shaped fish increase the variability even further.

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