Wild caught Electric Blue Acara 3-5 inch

Are you looking to freshen up your tank?The Electric Blue Acara may look like it escaped from the cover of a fairytale book, but we can assure you that it is one hundred percent real.Although it comes from one of the most aggressive fish families out there, it’s actually pretty peaceful and can be successfully kept with many other species.The Acara doesn’t need much in terms of care, can tolerate wide temperature ranges and will gladly feed on anything!Does it sound like your type of fish? If so, keep reading to learn how to successfully care for them.CategoryRatingCare Level:EasyTemperament:PeacefulColor Form:Blue, MixedLifespan:Up to 10 yearsSize:Up to 7 inchesDiet:OmnivoreFamily:CichlidaeMinimum Tank Size:30 GallonsTank Set-Up:Freshwater, PlantedCompatibility:Mildly compatible


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