Fahaka pufferfish (Tetraodon lineatus) 2-3 inch

Fahaka pufferfish (Tetraodon lineatus) 2-3 inch

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  The fahaka puffer (from Arabic: فهقة) is also known as the Nile puffer, lineatus puffer (Tetraodon lineatus). Tetraodon fakaha (Tetraodon lineatus) is a large puffer that can’t be seen in aquarist tanks quite often.

This is a freshwater fish which in the wild inhabits in the Nile river and also it’s known as Nile puffer fish.

Fahaka puffer has a very curious and intelligent nature and it becomes domesticated quite easily, however at that the fish is rather aggressive towards other fishes. Its very likely that fahaka puffer will kill or hurt other fishes that will inhabit in the same tank with it.


All tetraodon fishes have strong teeth and fakaha puffer uses them to tear the pieces from its tank mate bodies. This tetraodon is a predator, in the wild it feeds on all types of snails, spineless and insects.


Habitat in the wild

Fahaka puffer is a tropical demersal (bottom-living) fish which inhabits in large rivers and other surface waters in the West, East and North-East of Africa.

The fish can be encountered in the river Nile basin including White Nile, Turkana lake, Lake Nasser reservoir (Sudan), Baro River (Ethiopia), Lake Chad basin, rivers Niger, Volta, Gambia, Geba and Senegal. 


Fahaka puffer water temperature in the wild is about +24…+26 °C and its habitat is among thickly planted areas where it feeds on shellfish.



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