Ghost Ogon Koi 6"-8"

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Ghost Koi makes them a particularly hardy group of fish. They are more resistant to disease than some of their more traditional cousins, leading some enthusiasts to dub them as being “bullet proof.”

They are also a fast-growing variety of koi, so breeders and enthusiasts don’t have to spend as much time nurturing them to their full size—which can be upwards of 3 feet long and weigh as much as 30-40 pounds in good conditions. Although streamlined, they will develop a more robust midsection over time as they develop and mature.

It means that if you have a Ghost Koi, be prepared to feed them regularly. As a result, a larger pond will be a requirement as will a good filtration system to ensure good water quality.

This variety will produce a lot of waste and—although resistant to diseases and less likely to be bothered by poor water quality—it is good to keep your pond clean, especially if they are cohabitating with other koi varieties


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