Large Platinum Giant Thai Oranda

Large Platinum Giant Thai Oranda

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Care Summary

  • Allow adequate volumes of water, preferably 20 gallons for one and 10 gallons (38 liters) per additional goldfish.


  • Perform frequent partial water changes and gravel vacuuming while avoiding wide water quality fluctuations such as temperature, pH, etc.


  • Avoid keeping them in a small bowl. Most bowls are simply inadequate to properly care for a fish. They only hold a gallon or two, need frequent cleaning, it's hard to use a filter, and provide little to no swimming space for your fish. What a miserable existence this has to be. A better option would be to place them in a large species only aquarium.


  • Give your fish a high quality and varied diet. Don't get the bulk size containers since fish food does lose nutritional value as it ages and as the top of the container is opened and closed every day. Think really stale potato chips. It's better to buy your fish food in smaller containers in this case.


  • Learn about the aquarium nitrogen cycle if you don't know about it already.


  • Don't over clean the filter! Rinse out the filter media in discarded aquarium water and re-use or only replace half the filter media at a time to avoid losing most of the beneficial bacteria needed to keep the water safe for your fish.


  • Remember that they will grow in size and that they can live for quite a long time if cared for properly.
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