Orinoco Peacock Bass (Cichla orinocensis) 5-6 inch

Orinoco Peacock Bass (Cichla orinocensis) 5-6 inch



Cichlidae. Subfamily: Cichlinae



Native to the Rio Orinoco basin in Venezuela and Colombia, and the Rio Negro in Brazil.



Found in varying habitats in the Amazon basin

Maximum Standard Length


24″ (60cm)

Aquarium SizeTOP ↑


One of the smaller Peacock Bass, however a large tank is still required. Ultimately, this fish will require a tankof at least 8’x3’x3′ (l x h x w) for an adult fish. Smaller aquaria can be used for younger specimens but realistically you should not acquire this fish if you cannot house it long term.



This species requires a lot of swimming space, so it is a good idea to furnish the tank fairly sparsely. Large pieces of bogwood and robust plants are recommended. These are large messy fish and require filtration that is up to the job. External or sump filtration should be considered.

Water Conditions

Temperature: 80 – 84°F (27 – 29°C)

pH: 5.5 – 6.5

Hardness: 5 – 15°H



Piscivorous in nature. The diet should consist of meaty foods such as prawn, mussel, lancefish, whitebait and other white fish.

Behaviour and CompatibilityTOP ↑


Territorial and moderately aggressive. Can be kept in species groups or with other large species such as arowana, stingrays, large cats and other large cichlids. An extremely large tank is required to achieve this with any degree of success.

Will eat tankmates small enough to be considered food.

Sexual Dimorphism


The male is larger and develops a nuchal hump as he matures.



Limited reports of breeding in the hobby.

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