Jumbo Temensis Peacock Bass 10-12 inch (Cichla temensis)

Jumbo Temensis Peacock Bass 10-12 inch (Cichla temensis)

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Quick Stats

  • Family: Cichlidae
  • Scientific Name: Cichla
  • Care level: Moderate
  • Temperament: Aggressive
  • Diet: Carnivorous
  • Water conditions: Warm and clean
  • Max Size: 3.3 feet (Depends on type)
  • Minimum tank size (as adult): 70 gallons

Overview: Peacock Bass Care

Peacock bass are one of the apex predators of the fish world, and their popularity has been growing among aquarium hobbyists in the modern age. These fish have long been regarded as one of the top predatory species in the fish world, growing to massive sizes in the wild as well as in captivity. Some species can reach up to thirty inches long! Peacock bass are a popular sport and game fish for recreational anglers, but many people love to have them as part of the aquarium habitats in their homes as an alternative.

Peacock bass are technically cichlids and have diurnal instincts that allow them to be incredibly active and agile during the day. They are native to tropical South America, particularly in the rivers of the Guianas and the Amazon and Orinoco basins. They are not closely related to traditional bass, like the North American largemouth bass, but are considered food and game fish in many parts of the world. These fish were introduced in the large coastal canals of southeast Florida in 1984, but they aren’t abundant in most of this state because the waters are too cold.

Peacock Bass Lifespan

Peacock bass kept in captivity typically live to be 8-10 years of age; longer is possible if provided with optimal living conditions. In the wild they are believed to reach 15 years or older.

Peacock Bass Appearance

Peacock bass are similar in appearance to that of a largemouth bass. Their colors vary widely depending on their subspecies, but most have three black vertical bars, fading as the fish ages. These have sometimes completely disappeared by the time the fish reaches full maturity. Peacock bass also have a black spot with a yellowish halo on the caudal fin. These fish are perfectly suited to bodies of water that move quickly, with powerful pectoral fins and a slim, sleek build that helps them ambush prey.

What size are they when they’re small?

Peacock bass are small when they are young, usually less than twelve inches. This can be challenging for someone visiting the pet store and looking at a young cichlid; they look as though they will never grow that large in size. On the contrary, these fish grow to massive sizes, and can be difficult to care for in the long term if you aren’t aware of the fact that the petite little fish you have now will soon grow into a monstrosity of a fish.

How fast/slow should you expect them to grow?

These fish grow incredibly quickly during their first sixteen to eighteen months of life. They will increase in length up to 14 inches by the time they hit their second year of life, at this point beginning to level out. Once they have reached maximum length, these fish will then begin to put on weight, with a nineteen-inch fish (on the larger end of the spectrum), weighing up to five pounds.


What’s peacock bass max size?

Peacock bass on average can grow up to 26in in length, many with weights well into the double digits. The largest peacock bass caught in the United States was twelve pounds and measured nearly 28 inches in length, but some have suggested that wild peacock bass as well as those raised in captivity can become even larger.

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