Wild Caught Red Striped Eartheater (Geophagus surinamensis) 6-8 inch

  • Common Name: Red Striped Eartheater
  • Origin: Suriname; also tank raised in Singapore
  • Diet: Flake food, pellets and greens, and frozen brine shrimp, Bloodworms, mysis shrimp. The addition of spirulina algae will enhance their blue /green coloration
  • Size: 10 to12inches
  • Water Conditions: pH 6.2 to 7.6; water temperature 76 to 84 degrees F..
  • Introduced: Bloch, 1791
  • Sexing:  Adult males develop long extensions on their dorsal, anal and tail fins.
  • Breeding: Spawning will take place on a smooth rock. Either parent may pick up the eggs into their mouth and carry them until hatching about 3 days later. The fry will stay close to their parents and take shelter in their mouth if danger is present. Feed infusoria, then baby brine shrimp once they are free swimming.
  • Behavior: Surinamensis are peaceful fish and may be kept in a large community tank. They may be kept with larger tetras, swordtails and corydoras catfish. They do not do well with larger cichlids such as oscars. These cichlids are slow growing but their outstanding adult coloration is worth waiting for! Do frequent water changes and maintain high water quality to keep them in premium condition. The addition of driftwood and floating plants will make them feel more secure. They will forage in the gravel like the other eartheaters.


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