We guarantee all our deliveries in the winter months. All fish are packed in insulated boxes with heater packs to insure your fish is kept warm during travel.


Angry Fish Sales does not offer any kind of free shipping option at this time!


Shipping Fish: 

We use Delta Cargo and UPS for shipping. The different methods are explained below.

Delta Cargo

This method is airport to airport. Delta Cargo is not normally in the main terminal of the airport. It is a location directly near the airport in most cases. Once your order is placed, one of our reps will contact you for your preferred airport and to explain where to go to pick up your fish. You pay for shipping at Delta when you pink up your fish.


UPS Shipping

This method will be invoiced separately from your order. Once your order is placed, you will receive a call from one of our reps to confirm your order. Then you will receive a separate email to pay for your shipping. Shipping rates for UPS vary by quantity of fish and location of delivery address. 


Orders are accepted 7 days a week. In order to provide our guarantee for live arrival and for the health of the fish.

No live arrival guarantee is provided if livestock is requested to be shipping during the same week of purchase due to our inability to guarantee they are prepared for the shipment.


We track your orders along the way. If you won't be home or able to pick up your fish within 2 hours of delivery, it is NOT the responsibility of Angry Fish Sales to replace or refund DOA. Please make prior arrangements to avoid these circumstances.

1.) Fish must be un-boxed within 2 hours of delivery. 2.) After opening box, if there is any DOA we require at least a 20 second VIDEO of dead fish IN BAG. 3.) We then require you to take any DOA fish out of the bag/ water, place on paper towel and send us an additional 20 second video. *If these steps are not taken, we will NOT replace DOA fish.

*In the RARE case of Dead On Arrival we will offer these options after the steps above are followed: 1.) We can resend the fish or very similar fish if available. 2.) We also offer to refund the cost of DOA fish. **We Do NOT refund shipping costs*

Step by step order placement and shipping procedures for A.F.S. Fish are shipped on Mondays and Wednesdays every week. Fish need 24-48 hour purge time for shipping prior to ship day. Monday shipping cutoff is Saturday evening at 8pm AZ time. Any orders placed after that will be sent Wednesday for Thursday

1. Place your Order
2.Your fish are moved into purge tanks to prep for shipping
3 Separate invoice received for Shipping (cheapest possible next day)
4. Shipping Invoice needs to be paid.
5. Check your email for your tracking number
6.Track your fish the day of shipment
7. Morning of ship date the fish are bagged and sedated.
8. Fish arrive safely at your door.
9. Float shipping bag for 20-30 minutes to temp acclimate your new fish.
10. Take fish out of shipping bag and introduce to your aquarium with a net. (do not add bag water to your tank)
11. Enjoy your happy fish for years to come. 😊😊😊

I can only hope this explains our ordering and shipping procedures enough to make ordering a breeze. I also hope you are confident in our methods and willing to order from us for all of your future freshwater fish

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